Monday, 9 November 2009

Questionnaire on soundtracks in relation to animation and film.

This is a short questionnaire for a dissertation i'm currently working on, it would help alot if you could fill it in a send me your answers, it'll only take a few minutes. if anybody has an opinion on this kind of thing which they'd like to share i'd much appreciate it if you could fill this in and send it to;

or just reply on this blog, thanks.

1: How important do you feel that a soundtrack is to a film piece?
a) very important
b) important
c) not very important
d) unnecessary

2: How important do you feel that a soundtrack is to an animated piece?
a) very important
b) important
c) not very important
d) unnecessary

3: Do you feel that soundtracks generally do not get enough recognition in relation to how important they are to film pieces?
a) Yes (I think they do not get enough recognition)
b) I am indifferent to soundtracks
c) No (I think they get enough recognition)

4: Do you feel that animation soundtracks are not taken as seriously as film soundtracks?
a) Yes (I think they're not taken as seriously)
b) I am indifferent
c) No (I think they are taken as seriously)

5: In what way do you think that a soundtrack affects the impact of an accompanying film or animation piece?

6: Do you have any favourite soundtracks for films or animations, and if so in what way do you think that that soundtrack added to the overall feel of the film piece?

7: Sometimes soundtracks do not fit well with a film or animation, can you think of any examples of this where you personally feel that a soundtrack has detracted from the overall impact of the film?

It's good to share an opinion so thanks.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Is anyone in need of album artwork for demo cds and can't get any sorted? i'm interested in doing that type of thing. If so email:


Friday, 2 October 2009

Old Artwork Of Mine

He's bits and pieces of old artwork that i did, some are canvas pieces whilst others are illustrations and stuff like that.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

New Albums to listen to:

New albums up:
Nightmares and Tinnitus and Weeds/Mould.
Mix of different instruments with some lyrics thrown in.
electronic ambient type pieces.

Monday, 30 March 2009


One reason i have this blog thing is for music stuff, this is a link to my music. Some of it is instrumental some of it is like singing songwriting stuff, some of it is electronic madness and some of it is ambient wierdness:

Welcome to Fuck all

This is my blog place, it has absolutely NOTHING in it, but it will have soon when i get time.