Monday, 22 February 2010

Secret Of Mana OST

I Just started listening to the soundtrack for Secret Of Mana for the SNES (composed by Hiroki Kikuta) for the 1st time in a long time, and i forgot how amazing it is. The variety and amount of music is fantastic, brilliantly capturing all the sadness, adventure, fear and fun of the many areas of this massive RPG. I think it's about time i played this game through again (i've still never beaten the final mana beast enemy which i remember drove me fucking mental last time i tried it).

Listening to this again has also reminded me of the multitude of amazing soundtracks written for video games that i think deserve more attention, such as Jeremy Soule's ambient and unsettling music for Secret Of Evermore (the theme for The Scientist was fucking bewildering and otherworldly, in a really good way obviously) and Yasuhiro Kawasaki's epic sounding score for Illusion of Time/Gaia (the ominous Seaside Palace theme created a real sense of loneliness and mystery).

I'll never forget the theme for the cellar (stage 8) from Super Castlevania 4, its moment of synth strings midway through added so much depth and emotion to the gameplay. Legend of the Mystical Ninja (also for SNES) was bursting with delightful traditional sounding pieces that injected so much life into the little towns you ran around as Kid Ying or Goemon or whatever the fuck he was called at that time.

Little Big Adventure for the PC (and it's sequel) also had great pieces, written by Philipe Vachey, they had the kind of wonderful main theme that made the characters feel alive and filled you with memories of the adventure of the game after you had completed it. One great piece in particular played upon your entrance to Rebellion Island (LBA 1), its happy bouncy woodwind based music playing along to the sight of bizzarre creatures blowing the shit out of each other.
I even find the old mental 8-bit game music for the old Amstrad CPC game Amaurote to be really eerie and disturbing (although a game where you control an ultra-shitty 4 legged space-box thing whilst surrounded by loads of blood thirsty giant flies is pretty fucked up when you're kid, with or without music).

I also used to get both creeped out and entranced by the story music for Arkanoid (also the Amstrad CPC version), as it told the tale of a destroyed mothership whilst flying through endless stars in deep space, the music told me this game was a dark adventure of epic proportions (even though the game itself was an unbelievably fucking simple retarded Breakout-thing involving a line, a ball and some blocks, but the music and the story made it much more).
There's so much great music out there in the video game world, a lot of which has (in my opinion) kind of got lost. There's as much heart in many of these pieces as there is in a great film soundtrack and they should get a little bit more recognition, or maybe i'm just being over nostalgic about my childhood.

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